Summer News
Work for Bridge Mill Gallery in Skipton which included a piece titled Two Sisters to appeal to the restaurant next door.
For Beyond Measure some exciting pieces have been made which Grace will be lauching shortly.

New works for Art UnPacked. THE STABLE, THE POTING SHED & THE HEN HOUSE - On the theme of sheds three automata were part of super exhibition called 'Marvellous Mechanicals'. The exhibition toured across 4 other venues. I have enjoyed being part of an show with famous machanical makers.
A year for Clogs! The Egg Factory required a base making to put these delightful 5 pairs into action which inspired Debbie to have Marks childhood clogs put on a base for his 50th birthday present. The Egg Factory Clogs filmed working are on youtube so have a click to listen to the racket they make.
I have been on display in minature in San Francisco at Exploratorium and now I am in Albuquerque at Explora 17th Feb – 20th May 2018.
Last summer I made an automata of myself for the exhibition 'Curious Contraptions'. This commisioned piece by Carbaret Mechanical Theatre is also planned to tour across America during this year.

This year is exciting with a piece going to the new Hastings and plans to make something to celebrate Paul Spooners 70th birthday for an exhibition in September at 'The First Gallery'.
I have just made a Wonky Donkey which is currently on Hastings Pier till April 15th . This is a super exhibition from Cabaret Mechnanical Theatre. I have put together a short film to show how the piece came together on this link.

I love a good commission and was lucky enough to get the characterful Reg the one eyed cat request below for Christmas 2018.
Titled - Creature Comforts, Reg & Andrew settling down for the evenng.
I worked secretly exchanging photos and updates to capture them both for a christmas suprise. The short film shows the journey.
Thanks to Cabaret Mechanical Theatre continuing to support my work Wonky Donkey Automaton is in San Francisco till the end of January 2019.