The automata I make have changed and developed over the years. Below are some of my current automata. You are welcome to order one of these automata just get in touch via email . There is also a small selection of automata on my etsy shop page in the WORK FOR SALE link at the top of this page. 

Blue Tit On a Milk Bottle

is availible in white or sycamore finish. The hand carved and painted bird pecks the silver leaf top

on the retro milk bottle when the handle is turned.She has glass taxidermy eyes for realism. 


Brontë sisters Anne Emily and Charlotte read from their minature novels with slighly shivering arms.

Hand painted in the style of brother Branwells portrait of the sisters.

Availible as a set or individual automata. 

£345 each . Availible

direct or from Hawksbys Gallery in Haworth.

Oak Barns With Peeping Owls

Simple rustic automta with a peeping owl. 

Various owls peep,Barn, Little and Tawny.

When the handle is turned the owl rotates. 


Vintage dolls enamel tea set in a an antique sewing machine drawer.

When the handle is turned the cups and jug rotate.  £165