I have always wanted to make the Brontë sisters in automata form. Fascinated by the portrait brother Branwell did of them where he also painted himself out I decided to base the characters on this style. They are turned on my wood lathe and then hand painted. They read with slightly shivering arms. I have sourced miniature book replicas from Landau House miniature books so they read from the genuine novels. Brother Branwell is also part of the family too now and paints his portrait of the sisters in automata form. These pieces are available in my shop and I am delighted that Hawksbys Gallery in Haworth is where they are being sold. The perfect place. 


Brontë Sister Automata

Branwell Brontë

Automata By Lisa Slater

Brontë sisters at Hawksbys Gallery

this automata having its handle turned
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