When I first came across Lisa's work I saw a fabulous little piece she had made using a green vase and an antique pot dolls head.  I mentioned this in passing to Lisa and she talked me through the idea and how it came about. A few weeks later Lisa had found a similar type of vase and asked if I'd like an automata creating from it. The piece is fabulous! Lisa made a beautiful hardwood base which holds the mechanism and the vase. She had sourced another antique dolls head and hand turned a hat which fits perfectly. The vase was burned slightly to darken the wood so you have a wonderful contrast in the different shades of wood going through the piece. If you see something in Lisa's  portfolio   of work or indeed have your own ideas for a piece it's definitely worth having a chat as commissions take on many different forms. I'm thrilled with it and so pleased I spoke to Lisa.

I've been fascinated by Jig Dolls  I was lucky enough to pick one up at an antiques shop in Beaumaris but he was in a pretty sorry state. I contacted Lisa to see if she would be up for making me a stand for him. Lisa took him away and started researching the history of Jig Dolls.  Mr Jolly Boy would originally have had a hat, so she turned a replica one which looks great. He was missing the original handle  so she turned one of those too. I'd had an idea for a stand as I knew where I wanted to place him in my house and Lisa quickly brought that to life. She also sourced a nice piece of Walnut as a dancing board. The overall effect is superb and I'm over the moon with the renovation. He now lives in my dining room . Lisa  even ended up making her own Jig Doll as a result so fingers crossed there's more to come as they're great fun. If you have an idea or a restoration that you need a hand with, Lisa comes fantastically recommended!      

James Hall - Moorehouse     January 2023